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ECO 5,6м2  (82 kg.)
ECO 6.8m2 (100 kg.)
ECO 9.6 m2 (145 kg.)
ЕCО 12м2  (175 kg.)
ЕCО 20м2 (300 kg.)
ECO 40m2  (580 kg.)
ЕCО 60м2  (880 kg.)
ЕCО 100м2 (1470 kg.)
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Welcome to the ECO SOLAR website, where innovation meets excellence.


  • Our company have 28 years experience in production of solar hot water systems and 10 yrs. experience in hybrid dryers for fruit, vegetables and pasta.
  • Digitization is applied in agriculture with Wi Fi control.
  • Use green energy for drying process. No pollution
  • Energy efficient machines
  • We have ISO 9001 and CE certificate
  • Export to Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland and Bulgaria.
  • ECOSOLAR is a verified training center for solar installers.


     On the left side of those web. page you can see several links for various dryer machines. It is out products

    Note: To determine the size of the fruit dryer, the data for the total area of ​​the trays is primarily. It is not the same to dry plums, apples or tea. Therefore, the capacity of dryers should not be classified according to kilograms of raw weight,   but  according to the total area of ​​the trays and installed energy capacity.

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  Adress: Star Karaorman bb, 2000 Shtip, Rep.of North Macedonia, Contact    tel +389-32-606-983 ( office) ; +389-75-462-473 (mob.),  e mail  z.trajkov@gmail.com