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ECO 5,6м2  (82 kg.)
ECO 6.8m2 (100 kg.)
ECO 9.6 m2 (145 kg.)
ЕCО 12м2  (175 kg.)
ЕCО 20м2 (300 kg.)
ECO 40m2  (580 kg.)
ЕCО 60м2  (880 kg.)
ЕCО 100м2 (1470 kg.)
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Production and installation of aerial solar systems



There are three types of solar collectors:
  1. For obtaining hot water
  2. For electricity (photovoltaic panels)
  3. For obtaining warm air (air collectors)

We produce the third type - air solar collectors.
They purify and warm the air.



Using airborne solar systems in fruit dryers can offer several advantages:
Energy efficiency: Aerial solar systems can harness solar energy directly from above, maximizing exposure to sunlight throughout the day. This energy can be used to power hot air to fruit dryers, reducing the need for grid electricity or fossil fuels.
Reduced environmental impact: Using solar energy reduces dependence on fossil fuels, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental impact. This aligns with sustainable practices, which are increasingly important in modern agriculture.
Cost reduction: While the initial investment in airborne solar systems can be significant, over time, they can lead to significant cost savings by lowering energy bills. Additionally, in some regions, there may be incentives or subsidies for the adoption of renewable energy technologies.
Customization: Airborne solar systems can be designed and positioned to optimize sunlight exposure based on specific location and fruit drying technology requirements. This flexibility enables customized solutions that maximize energy production.
Integration with other technologies: Airborne solar systems can be integrated with other technologies such as battery storage systems or power management systems to further improve efficiency and reliability. This integration can help store excess energy for use during periods of low sunlight or high energy demand.

By installing airborne solar fruit drying systems, food processors can not only improve the efficiency and sustainability of their processes but also reduce costs and environmental impact in the long run.


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