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Eko Solar is known with "Omega" and Ultrasonic welded selective thermal solar collectors and double chamber profile filled with polyurethane. We are leader with installed thermal solar systems in Rep.of Macedonia. Firm is founded in 1995 only for implementing solar energy.

Through continuous research, Eko Solar developed new materials and technologies with high efficiency. Our thermal solar collectors has been tested in Institute for sustainable technologies AEE  INTEC, Austria. We have export in Croatia, Switzerland, Sweden and Bulgaria.


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New products - invertors for PV solar systems





    Werner "Omega FULL  Plate solar"  collector

New type solar collector for with Omega triple ultrasonic welding to each riser cooper tube in absorber .   ...more

  Air solar collector

New type solar collector for space heating without antifreeze. Fresh air form outside area is medium for transfer solar energy in museums; industry; sport object, .   ...more


Eco Solar doo is only firm in Rep.of Macedonia with certificated solar installers. We will start new program for training other solar installers according EU regulative together with Handwerkskammer Koblenz, Germany









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